CHEA Statement – 27 August 2016

CHEA Statement – 27 August 2016





On Monday, 22 August 2016 the senior diplomat of Turkey to Cambodia renewed his meeting with the senior diplomat of Cambodia and once again orally requested the Royal Government of Cambodia to shut down Zaman School and University in Cambodia. Zaman School and University are private establishments legally authorized by Cambodia to invest in the education sector and a member of the Cambodian Higher Education Association and is being in the operation of training students in compliance with the law of Cambodia. As far as the Cambodian Higher Education Association is concerned, the request to close Zaman private educational establishment made by the senior diplomat of Turkey without clear evidence is yet of appropriate nature according to the law of Cambodia and poses apprehension for the future of Cambodian students who are learning in this educational establishment.

The Cambodian Higher Education Association hereby calls on the management, staff, workers, teachers, professors, students and parents as well as guardians to kindly remain calm and proceed with their teaching and study on a regular basis and leave it to the Royal Government of us to settle. Whatever the circumstances, the Cambodian Higher Education Association maintains its support for Zaman educational establishment, which is a member of the association, in its education process according to the law of Cambodia.

Phnom Penh Capital, 27 August 2016

Cambodian Higher Education Association


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